A discussion of pascals ideas on the existence of god

Descartes vs pascal essays descartes vs pascal essays 1192 words oct 23rd, 1999 5 pages show more descartes vs pascal for centuries, human beings have been debating over the validity of the use of reason this is a very, very difficult subject to discuss, as one is forced to study something which is at that moment being used in their study. Who needs god man can make it on his own so claimed reason, the philosophy that captured the imagination of seventeenth-century france its champions, voltaire and descartes, among others, tried to fashion a worldview ruled completely by reason french mathematician and physicist blaise pascal, though raised in the heyday of. Blaise pascal pascal was a french philosopher, mathematician, and scientist born in 1623 in clermont, france he is best known for what is called pascal’s wager, in which he explains that since god might or might not exist, you might as well act as if he does, since if you’re wrong you lose nothing, but if you’re right you gain eternal happiness as a mathematician, pascal. Philosophy and the proof of god's existence one of the most far-reaching consequences of the rationalism of the enlightenment was the undermining of basic christian faith among the educated classes.

Pascal's wager in the seventeenth century the mathematician blaise pascal formulated his infamous pragmatic argument for belief in god in. In pascal's thoughts, there is a celebrated passage known in literature as pascal's wager in it, [pascal] tries to force us into christianity by reasoning as if our concern with truth resembled our concern with the stakes in a game of chance translated freely his words are these: you must either believe or not believe that god is — which will you. [essay iv x 3-6] this amounts to a variation on the aristotelean / thomistic cosmological argument for god's existence: there is an locke depended upon the formation of ideas on empirical foundations although we have no direct experience of god, we do have ideas of reflection from experience of our own mental activity, and we have an. He expounds on his argument about god's existence from the discourse descartes analyzes his mind so as to know whether there exists anything that would let him make god up descartes realizes that he is finite compared to god who is infinite, perfect and all powerful his argument says that it's impossible for a being like him who is to.

Pascal put the question of the existence of god into the form of a wager | source what is pascal's wager in a posthumously published book, pensées (“thoughts”) pascal posits that all humans must bet that god exists or that god does not exist he then ventures into a field of philosophy known as “christian apologetics” which attempts to. The arguments that prove god exists evidence for the existence of the theistic god is found in three main arguments used by theists today these arguments are: 1 the cosmological argument, 2 teleological argument, 3 the moral law argument when each of these arguments is incorporated together in one’s apologetic task, the existence of the theistic god. Pascal’s famous wager requires a choice between believing and not believing in god but there’s more than one way not to believe.

Pascal's wager about god blaise pascal (for discussion of this very old paradox no matter how improbable be the existence of god blaise pascal: an apologist for our times pascal says, “god wishes to move the will “that is why i am not trying to prove naturally the existence of god. French philosopher and thinker blaise pascal freely admitted there was no evidence for the existence of god but he insisted one would be wise to bet on god. Does god exist 49% say yes 51% say no the idea that something came from nothing is ludicrous science is based on the premise that everything comes from something to think that something originated from absolutely nothing is unreasonable and illogical it would be ridiculous to look around us at all the intricacies and complexities of nature and deny the existence.

They have stubbornly clung to their beliefs and as a result outlasted all of the ancient empires of history while changing the way the entire world looks at morality and the concept of god jewish ideas ― of one god, of a loving god, of a universal vision for humanity ― have been at odds with the philosophies of all these empires, and to hold. Pascal did not publish any philosophical works during his relatively brief lifetime his status in french literature today is based primarily on the posthumous publication of a notebook in which he drafted or recorded ideas for a planned defence of christianity, the pensées de m pascal sur la religion et sur quelques autres sujets (1670).

A discussion of pascals ideas on the existence of god

Philosophy of religion is the branch of philosophy that is concerned with the philosophical study of religion, including arguments over the nature and existence of god, religious language, miracles, prayer, the problem of evil, and the relationship between religion and other value-systems such as. Study 213 philosophy flashcards from celeste r on studyblue the french thinker blaise pascal thought “if i believe in god and god exists i win eternal happiness and infinite gain if god does not exist, i suffer minor inconvenience if i do not believe in god, and god exists, i lose eternal bliss i suffer infinite loss infinite loss unhappiness” “if i do not believe in god. A reflection essay on pascal's argument that since we do not know whether god exists, it is better to believe in god's existence because the risk greatly outweighs the potential reward kemstonecom it is better to believe in god's existence than to deny it classic philosophical questions part 3 - philosophy of religion blaise pascal, from.

  • 1 you should believe in god 2 the chance that god exists is positive and finite 3 if you believe in god and he exists, you’ll get an infinite reward.
  • The proof for the existence of god is an issue that may never be resolved it has caused division among families and friends, nations and society the answer to the question “does god exist” is almost an impossible one to give with certainty seeing that there is a variety of people, ideas.
  • Essay on pascal’s wager 984 words 4 pages in this paper i will be discussing pascal’s wager what i first plan to do in this paper is explain the argument of pascal’s wager next i will explain how pascal tries to convince non-theists why they should believe in god i will then explain two criticisms in response to pascal’s argument finally, i will.

Blaise pascal: an apologist for our times – a defense of christianity ringing true today home blaise pascal: an apologist for our times – a defense of christianity ringing true today, may 27, 1998 december 16, 2014 introduction one of the tasks of christian apologetics is to serve as a tool for evangelism it is very easy, however, to stay in the realm of ideas. Many have questioned the existence of god in response, various proofs of the divine being have been presented, such as anselm's ontological argument, aquinas' 'five ways', and descartes' ontological and cosmological arguments however, their philosophical successor, blaise pascal, endeavors not to convince through. On the proof of god : does god exist does the author of the world(s) exist. Research paper on god it seems clear that philosophy somehow is relevant to the important questions human beings deal eighth in their everyday lives the existence of god is one of the basic questions in philosophy the concept of god is ambiguous and differs from person to person and from society to society theists believe that god.

a discussion of pascals ideas on the existence of god Free essay: a critical discussion of blaise pascal's the wager in the gambling world bets are made based on odds, the probability or likelihood that. a discussion of pascals ideas on the existence of god Free essay: a critical discussion of blaise pascal's the wager in the gambling world bets are made based on odds, the probability or likelihood that.

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A discussion of pascals ideas on the existence of god
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